Why Software delivery is being reinvented?

Automated Software Delivery Platform for modern apps is the future. We believe developers should focus on delivering value to the customer instead of wasting time in fixing the delivery process.

Why Software delivery is being reinvented?

In early 2018 when we began helping our clients to migrate to cloud native, we realized that the traditional software delivery process was not enough to deal with the complexity of modern apps delivery. There was a dramatic shift in the adoption of multi-cloud container orchestration technologies across the world and EMEA region. However, cloud native technologies require a steep learning curve and come with it's own set of challenges concerning software delivery, governance and security.  

The adoption of Container-as-a-Service (CaaS) is growing at 33% CAGR

Bare metal to CaaS

With the ease of containers based applications, software development teams have rapidly started shifting from legacy monolithic apps to microservices-based container applications. With Kubernetes being the de-facto container orchestration engine, all major cloud infrastructure players like AWS, Google,  Azure, IBM, VMware etc have started offering Kubernetes based container as-a-service platform (CaaS) - AKS, EKS, GKS, OpenShift, Tanzu, and more. But managing software delivery end-to-end is still a big problem that is yet to be solved.

88% of the companies who have adopted container technologies, use Kubernetes based container platform and CaaS adoption is growing at 33% CAGR.

Multi-cloud CN software delivery process is broken and inefficient

We spoke to 100+ CIOs, DevOps leaders and developers across EMEA and the rest of the world and the most common question we get is that "How do we streamline container orchestration across multi-cloud container platforms?" The traditional software delivery i.e. using multiple DevOps tool-chains is getting complicated and not designed for cloud native (CN) technologies. CN software delivery process is broken and inefficient.

Challenges in Cloud Native software delivery process:

According to IDC, more than 40% of the developers' time is wasted in fixing inefficient release processes.
According to Gartner, more than 50% of the time software releases failure slows down time-to-market
Multi-cloud adoption is essential but we all know it is hard to scale
Multiple DevOps tool-chains are difficult to manage

Automated, secure  Software Delivery Platform for modern apps is the future

By 2021, 1.8 Billion containers will be deployed worldwide at 99% CAGR. However, deploying containers on multi-cloud Kubernetes providers is hard work and comes with set of challenges.

According to Gartner, by 2023 40% of companies are likely to adopt DevOps Value Stream Delivery Platforms (VSDPs) as compared to 10% in 2019.

We believe that developers should focus and devote most of their time in delivering value to the customer rather than fixing and plumbing the delivery process using multiple DevOps tools.

In CN world, taking your enterprise solution from code to customers should be achievable with minimal effort.

For the last one year, our development team has been focused on building a modern software delivery platform for developers across the world. In the last three months, early enterprise customers in Banking and Telecom Sectors have deployed our platform in live environments and the feedback as been very positive and reassuring.

We have a big announcement coming soon. More on this in the upcoming blog posts. Stay tuned!

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